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Feel confident, look amazing, change the world.


For the woman striving for greatness, comes Parvati - the clothing line that makes you feel confident, look amazing, all the while contributing to the children of our world.

Parvati creates clothing with a conscience that stands out as the high quality, stylish solution for women on the go. Every piece of our collection is curated and designed by our incredible team and produced right here in Los Angeles, California.

We’re on a mission to combine organically curated fashion with heartfelt business practices, that leave you feeling effortlessly sophisticated and globally impactful.


I was 15 when I received the notorious “trash bag” to carry my belongings into foster care.

This experience changed my life. I saw so many children, like myself, in need. And I saw so many helpers - social workers, teachers, and families - who were ready to support and love us.

I was very fortunate to have landed in the hands of an amazing family that welcomed me into their home with open arms. I knew that all of my pursuits would lead back to helping children in need.

Now, as a mother of two, a wife and a native to Orange County CA I am able to make that dream a reality. I single-handedly built Parvati when I realized it was difficult to find stylish, statement clothing for women that was both high quality and fairly-produced.

I love fashion and its power, not only as artistic or emotional expression, but also as a tool to change the world.

From using organic materials, to instilling fair business practices, to donating profits, I am driven to create a powerful movement with Parvati.


Parvati provides a breath of fresh air for stylish women who want to spend their money with intention. Parvati’s organically curated clothes inspire confidence, comfort, and sophistication, while their generous donations invest back into our global community. 5% of each item sold is donated to children’s charities, like Together We Rise which supports foster children. Because of this, Parvati’s tribe of dedicated customers effortlessly wear beautiful clothing and are proud that they’ve played a role in bettering the world through this movement.


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